DAME Design Awards CHARITY

Every year, the DAME Design Awards' total registration fees are contributed to a designated charity, serving as the METSTRADE community's gesture of giving back to society. The METSTRADE Exhibition Committee carefully chooses a charity to receive these funds annually, which may include a single charity or two different ones. In 2023, it has been decided by the METSTRADE Exhibition Committee that the proceeds from the DAME Design Awards will be donated to The Magenta Project, a passionate collective working towards greater equity and inclusion in sailing, with a focus on gender.

The application for new nominees is now open. Submit your charity for the 2024 DAME Design Awards charity through the button below. 

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2023 Charity: The Magenta Project

The Magenta Project is a passionate collective working towards greater equity and inclusion in sailing, with a focus on gender. They collaborate with various individuals and organizations to make a positive impact on the sport, from grassroots efforts to international events.

The project was founded by sailors from Team SCA, who competed in the Volvo Ocean Race 2014-2015, promoting co-ed competition. Their mission is to achieve gender parity in sailing, ensuring equal pay and opportunities for all.

They offer a Mentoring Program, on-water training, and support career development for women in performance sailing. Additionally, they build networks to share knowledge and advocate for policy changes in the sailing community.


Results after DAME Design Award charity donation

The Magenta Project is all volunteer based. The funds have enabled us to increase our human resources and helped to provide pay for women who have been supporting the project for many years. We've been able to advance our mentoring programme as a direct result. 

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DAME Charities over the years (2008-2022)

2022: World Sailing Trust

2021: Blue Marine Foundation - To Protect Our Ocean

2019: Sailing4Handicaps & The Little Optimist

2018: The Blue Marine Foundation & Wetwheels Foundation

2017: Sailing Kids & VOKK

2016: AMREF Flying Doctors*

2015: Sailability

2014: AMREF Flying Doctors*

2013: Sailability & Freedom Waters

2012: AMREF Flying Doctors*

2011: Stichting Sailing Kids

2010: Whisper Boat Building Academy

2009: AMREF Flying Doctors 2008: International Federation of Disabled Sailing (IFDS)

* From 2012 to 2016, AMREF Flying Doctors, the international charity supported by RAI Amsterdam - received the DAME donation every other year.