DAME Design Awards winners 2023


Jury Chair Andre Hoek presented the world-renowned DAME Design Awards 2023 to the Oceanvolt HighPower ServoProp 25 at the commencement of the METSTRADE show.

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HighPower ServoProp 25

Company: Oceanvolt
Stand: 01.682

Jury Comment: This excellently conceived and engineered 25kW electric saildrive tangibly moves the goalposts for 45-70ft sailboats in terms of providing a reliable and extremely quiet option for electrification. Oceanvolt’s use of its controllable pitch propeller technology ensures maximum efficiency for propulsion and hydrogeneration, with the system able to return up 5kW of power when the yacht is sailing at 10 knots. Thought has been given to minimising installation and maintenance time and the ServoProp 25 operates from a 48V battery pack, keeping it within the safe voltage threshold. An exemplar product that pushes the electrification agenda toward more far-reaching horizons.




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Environmental Design Award Winner


Company: Marservis d.o.o.
Stand: 07.312

Jury Comment: EcoCube is a pontoon-like solar-powered floating building constructed from natural fibres and bio epoxy resin. It acts as a receiving station for wastewater and rubbish from leisure vessels and can offer tank top-ups from desalinated water. It is designed to be monitored remotely, will broadcast AIS signals to be discovered easily and offer control via onboard touch screens or a phone app. While noting the merit of its detailed design, the jury specifically wanted to recognise the EcoCube’s potential to be placed in highly visible locations as reminder for boat owners to treat all waste products with sensitivity and not have any excuses for bad practices.



Atlas 190 Pro Sensor Life Jacket

Company: Mustang Survival
Stand: 01.710

Jury Comment: The Atlas 190 Pro Sensor 150N life jacket features a new bladder design to improve turning and airway protection. The jury noted how comfortable it was to wear, being flexible, light weight and a nice fit.


Company: Wescom Group
Stand: 03.321

Jury Comment: The class-M compliant sMRT ALERT combines AIS and VHF DSC technology to enhance localised man overboard recovery. Automatic or manual activation triggers a DSC distress signal, with location tracked using dual GPS and Galileo receivers through AIS.


DC variable speed self-contained unit

Company: Blue-Airco Srl
Stand: 07.414

Jury Comment: An advanced self-contained air-conditioner able to operate on vessel house battery systems, with variable speed to quickly reach the desired internal temperature and maintain it in an energy efficient way on DC house battery banks.


Company: Solvit3D GmbH
Stand: 07.433

Jury Comment: The entry most handled by the jury in this year’s DAME Awards, MAKRA FLADE is a 3D printed leather design and seamless leather contouring solution for boating applications. The sample supplied was nicely sculptured and felt soft, with exciting potential for interior design options.

MEMBRALOOP flexible water filter

Company: Hansa Noord VOF
Stand: 07.311

Jury Comment: A chemical and electricity free drinking water filter with a lifespan of 10 years that removes non-dissolved solids, bacteria, viruses and worm egg to World Health Organisation ‘High Protective’ classification. The jury was intrigued by its design which enables installation in tight spaces and potential for reducing filter cartridge waste.

GPSMAP® 9000 Series

Company: Garmin Europe Ltd.
Stand: 01.101/01.103/01.200

Jury Comment: Impressive integrated 4K resolution touchscreen chartplotter with edge-to-edge clarity on a glass helm. It features premium design and materials, fast processing and comprehensive connectivity. Admired by the jury for its performance and cohesive hardware and software design.



Company: Gussi Italia S.r.l.
Stand: 01.241

Jury Comment: Formula 1 meets boat helm with this touchscreen display that can be installed on the hub of the wheel to place it right in the driver’s view. Multiple control options and highly customisable, using a phone app.

Solid State Battery

Company: EPTechnologies
Stand: 03.331

Jury Comment: Solid state batteries offer great potential for improving energy density and reducing safety risks, but it is early days for the technology. Kudos to EPTechnologies for bringing a solid-state battery to the marine market ahead of mainstream automotive adoption.



Company: Temo France
Stand: 05.457

Jury Comment: The second product in TEMO’s range follows its brilliant DAME Award winning entrant model with plenty of clever design ideas of its own, not least a removable large battery within the leg of the outboard. Its 1100W output is good for larger dinghies and sailing yachts up to 8m.


X Car

Company: Rigging Projects BV
Stand: 01.540

Jury Comment: This well-designed product utilises a patented Torlon roller and Torlon ball solution to ensure alignment, reduce friction load by up to 30% and enable users to deal with the wider load paths and higher loads of Structured Luff technology.

Magic deck hatches

Company: GOIOT
Stand: 05.454

Jury Comment: Simple, elegant products with integrated friction hinges and a frameless opening. Magic hatches show great attention to detail, integrate well with flush deck designs and are made mostly of recycled and recyclable materials.

smartbatten system

Company: Cyclops Marine
Stand: 03.211

Jury Comment: Load sensor specialist Cyclops Marine designed the smartbatten to help sailors control sail shape with more precision and achieve fast, repeatable settings by accurately monitoring load in their sail battens. Great use of technology to take the guesswork out of sail control.



Company: Swiss Ocean Tech Ltd.
Stand: 11.412

Jury Comment: Provides real time information on the position of the anchor in relation to a superyacht, its loading and instant warning of dragging. It also supports the crew with a graphic visualisation of the anchor position when dropping and weighing. The jury recognised AnchorGuardian as a promising well-presented solution to reduce anchor related superyacht strandings.

CO Alert

Company: Digital Yacht Ltd
Stand: 01.533

Jury Comment: An advanced carbon monoxide detector to protect boaters from death and injury due to CO poisoning. An NMEA 2000 interface enables alerts to be triggered on compatible MFDs as well as providing in-cabin audible and visual alerts. A welcome addition to Digital Yacht’s formidable range of connected boat devices.